About Us

A Family Passion

The idea for starting William’s Dairy Bar began during Jacob’s youth, based on a local ice cream establishment in his hometown in northern Virginia. Serving the best soft-serve ice cream in the area, long lines were the norm, but that did not keep Jacob and his family from frequent visits after sporting events and days spent at the pool.


When Jacob brought his soon-to-be wife Madeline home to Virginia to visit for the first time, this ice cream shop was one of their first stops. Since then, Jacob and Madeline have spent the last several years dreaming of bringing such amazing soft-serve ice cream to their new home in Utah. After training with the owner and arming themselves with his well-honed secrets for excellent ice cream making, Jacob and Madeline are so thrilled to finally open up their very own soft-serve ice cream shop.


The dairy bar is named after the owners’ young son William, an ice cream aficionado. Jacob and Madeline are so excited to share William’s Dairy Bar with you and hope you love not only the ice cream but the memories of sharing this place with your family and friends for years to come.



Mon-Thur:     3PM-10PM       

Fri:              3PM-11PM       

Sat:             1PM-11PM       

Sun:                  Closed       


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